What happens when you wake after a night of dreaming to find your favorite dinosaur character from your favorite TV show talking to you in your bedroom?

You and the dinosaur panic!!!

After nine year-old Benjamin Buckingham calms down, he chooses between chasing after the dinosaur into a secret world or... going to school. What Benjamin finds is an imaginative world with castles filled with people who create dreams. But, Benjamin discovers something else, something awful, something treacherous. An evil castle creates nightmares and the ruler of this castle wants to destroy all the dreams. Benjamin begins a quest to save a kidnapped king and finds talking animals, magical castles, and frightening monsters along the way. Will dreams survive? Will nightmares be destroyed? Will dinosaurs continue talking forever?

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Gregory Gershwin was born in Pennsylvania and studied English Literature at Brown University. He now lives in New York City where he runs a very successful company that sells umbrellas to Tyrannosaurus Rex of all shapes and colors. He was previously the owner of a dating app which helped over 3,000 Stegosaurus find romance and love. And before that, he worked with a Brontosaurus to launch a successful Tex-Mex restaurant in Brooklyn.

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